To help the electronics industry to solve their problems in electromagnetic compatibility.


Being a leader in design consultancy on EMC.



Interest in the employees/collaborators     

Learning, respect and friendly treatment are a part of our way of behaving when dealing with the employees / collaborators. 



Teamwork with customers

Share knowledge, communicate openly and effectively, cooperate and understand that the success of the customer-consultancy team is the success of both.



Customer focus

Help our customers to get  the success is the key to get ours. We must be able to build trustful relationships of trust with them, understanding their needs and responding to them.



Honesty, integrity and ethics

Be honest and ethical in all our actions and behaviour. The ethical principles and our values will guide the decisions of our day to day.


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C/ Taronger 12

08192 Sant Quirze del Vallès



Member of  Agency for Qualification of Professional Engineers

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