Q1 . What is EMC ?


The electromagnetic compatibility (EMC ) is the ability of a system, equipment or product to work properly, without causing electromagnetic interference to other equipments but at the same time, not being susceptible  to the emissions that can produce other systems.


Q2. What are electromagnetic interferences ( EMI ) ?


The Electromagnetic interferences ( EMI ) are defined as the electromagnetic energy coming from their generators , affecting adversely, creating undesirable responses like degraded functionality in the receiver system. They may be continuous or transient.


Q3 . What are the three basic rules of optimal design EMC ?


The three basic rules of optimal design of  an electromagnetically  compatible equipment are:

• The equipment does not cause interference to other equipments.

• The equipment is not susceptible to emissions from other equipments.

• The computer does not cause interferences to itself. 


Q4 . Why is compulsory to do  EMI / EMC / EMC tests in the electronic systems ?


The  EMI / EMC tests have been prepared to ensure that electronic systems work properly in their electromagnetic environment and thus maintain an acceptable level of EMC.


Q5 . What is an interference  ( EMI ) emitter in EMC ?


An  interference ( EMI ) emitter is an unintentional electromagnetic radiator, internal or external to the system , natural or artificial, with enough intensity to affect elements of various electronic systems ( receivers ) , causing a malfunction.


Q6 . What is an interference ( EMI ) receiver in EMC ?


An interference ( EMI ) receiver is a component or an electronic circuit that receives the unwanted interference from the emitter of interferences,  conducted or radiated , affecting the correct work of the system. 


Q7 . What is the susceptibility electromagnetic (immunity ) ? 


The electromagnetic susceptibility is the inability of an electronic system to work properly without degradation in the presence of electromagnetic interference. The susceptibility is characterized by a lack of immunity. 


Q8 . What is the CE marking ?


The CE marking is the European Conformity for certain groups of industrial products or services. It relies on the current 2014/30/UE. The Directive was established by the European Community and is the testimony by the manufacturer that his product meets the minimum legal and technical requirements in terms of safety of the Member States of the European Union.


Q9 . Is it mandatory EMC testing in an official laboratory?


You can perform the EMC tests of your new product in a selected laboratory that has the capability and experience to get the results in accordance with the requirements established by the standards. 


Q10 . What is the EMC European Directive on effect?


The current European Directive in force is the EMC 2014/30/UE and supersedes the Directive 2004/108/CE and 89/336/CEE.


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