Servicio Marcado CE

This service is the best suited when the customer wishes to obtain conformity of EMC and electrical safety in the shortest possible time. CEMDAL will advise you throughout the process until the final result of the product conformity and thus CE marking.


This service includes the GENERAL PREVENTIVE SERVICE OF ELECTROMAGNETIC COMPATIBILITY (EMC) AND ELECTRICAL SAFETY above and adds the extension of assistance and support during the conformity tests in the EMC laboratory.


The customer can choose among the following alternatives:


a.- Performing any laboratory tests of your choice with customer and CEMDAL presence during testing, if the laboratory allows it.



b. – Tests made in the laboratory TELPROCE, bringing the customer the product personally to the laboratory, with the customer and CEMDAL presence during the testing process.




c. - Carrying out the tests in the  laboratory  TELPROCE; the customer sends the product to CEMDAL  leaving the total supervision of tests to CEMDAL. This is the most convenient alternative to the customer,  CEMDAL has the responsibility to bring the product to be certified to the laboratory, without requiring the presence of the customer.

In all three cases, the result is to obtain the approval reports of EMC conformity testing and electrical safety issued by the selected laboratory. With these reports, the customer gets the approval for CE marking.


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