The  milestones details:


Milestone 1 · Initial: Theoretical review of the product design at specification level. Revision of standards to meet. Generation of the recommendations report (1).


Milestone 2 · Pre-realization: Before launching the implementation of the prototype:

• Theoretical review of Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design.

• Theoretical review of  box, connectors, filters and physical location of components.

Generation of the recommendations report (2)



Milestone 3 · Pre-evaluation: practical review of the first prototype, using pre-assessment instruments. Generation of the recommendations report (3).

Milestone 4 · Pre-Laboratory: Practical review of the definitive prototype, using pre-assessment instruments, before going to the certification lab (internal or external to the company). Generation of the recommendations report (4).



Milestone 5 · Final: Review of the final test results from the laboratory certification. Generation of the final report.

Undesirable surprises of non-compliance can arise during the certification testing in the laboratory. The probability of success is high (95% to 100%) using this preventive service, reducing the laboratory costs and getting the conformity in the first attempt without having to repeat the tests.

During each review, we provide the best recommendations for the maximum reduction of EMC problems at the lowest production cost, with the shortest development time.

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